Sunday, June 12, 2011

summertime fine.

Lately I've become totally obsessed with 'list'. Grocery list, to-do list, makeup list, you get the idea! With the warm weather approaching I decided to make a list of things to do this summer. Somehow I always feel like I never take full advantage of the fact that I live in Long Island, but am only 25 minutes away from NYC, it's by far the best of both worlds. So this summer I've decided to make it a priority to take full advantage of my wonderful city. Hopefully I tackle everything on my list before Labor Day!

1. Picnic in Union Square with my boy toy. :-)
2. Attend a show at the New York City Ballet.
3. Attempt to make homemade ice cream.
4. Take a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery.
5. Find a really cool Winery in Long Island.
6. Master the art of the cocktail using recipes from this little book.

I'm sure as Summer continues my list will grown longer, so I'll be sure to keep you guys posted!
{xX Happy Summer! Xx}


  1. coool list. :) I like some the things on your list. Definitely check out the brewery, its wicked rad.

    have a good upcoming summer

  2. I wish you the best of luck with everything on your awesome list :)I wouldn't mind learning how to make some cocktails either :P

  3. I feel the same exact way!! I live in Queens, 15 mins away from the City and I feel like I need to take way more advantage of it!! Best of luck, I hope you do everything on your list and then some.

    Editor & Chic



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